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Education and Training

Understanding why and how dogs behave is a fascinating subject, and one that is an ongoing process. Any one who works with dogs needs to believe in continual professional development - the learning curve is a lifelong one. Above all we must be prepared to accept new ideas and most importantly change if necessary .

>>        Dog training

>>      Canine aggression

>>      Canine communication.

>>      Dog behaviour

>>      Canine Nutrition

>>      Dog  first aid

>>      Dog law

>>      History of the dog

>>      Holistic health care for dogs

>>      Holistic massage and touch therapies for dogs

>>      HTM Judges training seminars  

>>      HTM and canine freestlye training

Ann DeRizzio has a degree in teaching and training.

She has been a lecturer at Myerscough college in Lancashire since 1995 - she has lectured on every aspect of dog ownership, care, training, behaviour and management.
Currently she delivers lecture and course for Myerscough college on:

Aspects of dog behaviour

Holistic canine health care

Canine aggression and behaviour for dog wardens and those that work with dogs

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Below are a few of the dog related topics that Ann can deliver as either a seminar, training day or workshop 
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