Ann DeRizzio lives in Lytham St Anne and has been training dogs since 1981.

She was lucky enough to go to Willesden and District canine club and her first dog trainer was a very young John Higgins - she was also lucky to have Joanna Hill as her trainer and mentor through the early 1980's and the start of her competitive career in dog obedience. It was with the help of Both John and Joanna that Ann was able to take her first obedience collie Merlin from beginners to Ch C obedience.  

Ann went on to become the head trainer at the dog club in Willesden and started her own training class along side this in Sudbury in London.

Ann was the founding member of the Federation of Dog Trainers and Canine Behaviourists founded in 1987.  Ann, alongside fellow Federations directors, went on to co-write the first ever dog training and behaviour related City and Guilds qualification Canine Studies. Ann was the lead external verifier for the course and also taught the course at Myerscough college. This qualification ran until 2008. 

Whilst working on the Canine Studies qualification Ann began her career in the teaching profession - taking the City and Guilds in teaching qualification, gaining her Certificate in Education and then on to her degree in teaching and training.

Ann has delivered lectures on behaviour, training and particularly canine aggression all over the country and has also lectured and judged in Europe. 

She competed in heelwork to music, canine freestyle and breed showing and is an international judge in both HTM, Freestyle and Obedience.


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